Jean Ryan

I often find my inspiration in nature. Not the reality of it, but the feeling of it. Excitement for me is always in discovery. I do not usually start out with a definite image in mind, but a feeling; choosing colors accordingly. Often the painting leads me in an unexpected direction and opens a new possibility.


My favored approach is to paint many layers of color to capture the mood, then scrape or carve to reveal previous colors or torch for a more fluid effect. I then add to the design with more color and texture. Encaustic is a wonderful medium for collage, allowing for a glimpse into history or a comment on current events. The possibilities are endless and allow for many different kinds of expression. I am most successful when I do not try to totally manage the medium but allow it to have a voice in the process.


I find wax to be a very seductive medium with luminous color and a surface that invites you to touch and come under its spell.